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We hope you enjoy the range and variety of herbs we are able to provide. Our herbs are many and varied from the kitchen essentials like parsley, mint, rosemary and thyme to the more unusual chocolate mint, rue, bergamot, brahmi, and arthritis herb. Our range is ever growing and we look forward to introducing new and exciting products – from the weird and wonderful to the everyday must haves. Click here to find your nearest nursery and garden centre.

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2014-04-23_09 Plant of the Month - April:

Chocolate Mint & Gaura...find them in this months blog

Salvia_uliginosa_small March - Plants of the month:

Check out the blog on Salvias and Snow Peas!

Chiristmas_dinner_small Christmas Herbs:

Check out the blog about Christmas herbs.....

Christmas Gift Suggestions

  • to your enemy - forgiveness
  • to an opponent - tolerance
  • to a friend - your heart
  • to a customer - service
  • to all - charity
  • to every child - a good example
  • to yourself - respect

Merry Christmas from everyone at Renaissance Herbs, and a safe a happy 2014 to all.


Herb_and_tomato_bread_small Home made bread......can you smell it:

Try our home made "YOUR CHOICE & herb" bread. Why is it called "YOUR choice" I hear you say.....well there are a couple of variations with ingredients - so depending on your taste you can make the bread accordingly....find it on our recipe page......

California_poppy_field_small Spring is in the air....:

Plant of the month....September....Eschscholzia (Californian poppies)

Some gardeners describe Californian poppies as “sunshine on a stem”. Attractive to pollinators, Californian poppies exist mainly to cheer and beautify the landscape. Serving as a ship’s surgeon, zoologist Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz gave his name to what must have been a charming and refreshing discovery after months of sea travel. The poppy is perennial within the state of California and a self seeding annual in many growing zones. They tolerate a wide range of soils and are known for drought tolerance.

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